Welcome to Cuernavaca Center
for Intercultural Dialogue on Development

As the saying goes, "When a door closes, a window opens. While CCIDD is sad to announce its closing after 36 years of outstanding work in receiving groups from all over Canada and the United States, we are happy to announce that the spirit and vision will be carried on by Augsburg College's Center for Global Education (http://www.augsburg.edu/global), which began through dialogue with the CCIDD founder Raymond Plankey back in the late 1970s and early 80s.

While CGE and CCIDD worked independently, the two organizations have shared a common pedagogy and mission of creating opportunities for cross-cultural encounters that empower people to work for social transformation. Many of the speakers and community organizations that CCIDD groups met also work with CGE. Moreover, throughout their histories, graduates of CCIDD programs and former program directors have gone on to work as staff members at CGE and vice versa. In addition, former CCIDD board member Ann Lutterman-Aguilar is the current CGE-Mexico Site Director.

If you are interested in organizing a CCIDD-style program, please consider working with CGE. To learn about their short-term programs in Cuernavaca and in other parts of Mexico and other countries in the Carribean, Latin America, southern Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia, see http://www.augsburg.edu/global/overview-and-how-to/

Send email inquiries to Susan Peacock at peacocks@augsburg.edu, and be sure to write former CCIDD group in the subject heading so that CGE can take CCIDD pricing structures into account when working with you since CGE trips have typically been more expensive than CCIDD trips. As an act of solidarity, however, CGE will work with you to ensure that your trip is affordable.


email peacocks@augsburg.edu